Our Focus

Successful Outcome, for Everyone

Our focus is to develop significant, long-lasting, and fully transparent relationships that bring about a successful outcome, for everyone. Our relationships are built one at a time, on a strong foundation of Integrity, trust, and a relentless devotion to providing every one of our customers with the best customer service experience and access to the best IT solution providers in the industry.


The Healthcare IT sector sees a boom due to very high fatality numbers caused by medical errors each year. We focus on designing highly scalable products to support the data-intensive nature of healthcare software. ActiveKey Solution with its excellent team and proven process will enable mid-size healthcare software providers to deliver world-class healthcare solutions.

We have extensive exposure and experience in custom software development spread over the healthcare, medical, finance and retail verticals. Our healthcare software offerings include Electronic medical records, HMIS, EHR, Medical billing and coding, medical practice management, medical prescription and web based EMR. We offers full cycle custom software programming services, from product idea, offshore software development to outsourcing support and enhancement. We undertake every aspect of your project: requirements management, product design and architecture, programming and development, quality assurance, documentation preparation, tech support, and software maintenance. We have built our processes and skills to cater to the specific needs of the Health Care industry.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Sharing and Reporting System

Appointment Scheduling

Electronic Billing and Claims Management

Lab Report Automation Software

EMR – Reporting & Analysis System

Content Management System and Services for Mobile client for Healthcare system

Application for Dermatology Clinic

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS, LIS)

E-Mail Management and Reporting System

Personal Health Record (PHR)

Enabling EMR For CCHIT Certification

Medical Practice Document Management System

Evaluation and Management Services (E&M) System, EMR

Disease Information Search

Practice Management System

Health Plans

In order to ensure regulatory compliance to play in the individual market, health plans also need to deliver innovative products and a seamless, efficient customer experience. This will require health plans to partner with federal and state agencies to coordinate, operate, and have technical interactions with the exchanges. Having rich experience in handling clinical and financial data, ActiveKey provides the following solutions to health plans:

  • Connect to Health Insurance Exchanges, Federal and State Agencies, and Individual Customers
  • Capitalize on new opportunities through the individuals market
  • Acquire and retain new members through tailored member engagement
  • Enterprise-level application development and maintenance of legacy payer applications
  • Aggregation, mapping, and standardization of payer/provider data across multiple clinical systems
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Solutions for patient and provider engagements
  • Connect to health information exchanges (HIE’s)
  • Wide range of analytics services including the development of scorecards to track clinical quality measures

Physician-Patient Relationship

Engaging patients through new technology and tools facilitate communication and educates them about their conditions and treatment options. Quality improvements to physician-patient interactions lead to better-informed patients and get them more involved in their personal care.

We are actively involved in MHealth apps as part of the future of patient engagement. With the use of mobile devices increasing and the development of mHealth applications on the rise, patient engagement platforms are becoming more accessible. Using mobile devices as engagement tools to improve physician-patient relationships; providers can share information easily with their patients.

  • Patient Web Portal
  • Patient Communication Portal
  • Medication schedule and adherence through mHealth app

Other than technology solutions, we are a single source for high-touch patient care management to control side effects, patient support and education to ensure compliance or continued treatment analysis, and specialized handling and distribution of medications directly to the patient or care provider. Specialty medications may be covered under either the medical or pharmacy benefit.


Specialty medications can help meet the challenge of living with and managing serious health conditions. But because treatment, side effects, and regimens can be complex, ActiveKey does more than fill your prescriptions. We also provide you — and your prescriber — with a support team throughout the course of your specialty medication therapy.

Treatment Team

Patient Care Coordinators (PCCs) are your primary contacts at ActiveKey. They will help you schedule deliveries and manage your inventory of medication and supplies. Our registered pharmacists are available 24/7 as members of your treatment team reviewing lab results, monitoring medication adherence, and checking for side effects or drug interactions. They can answer any of your treatment questions. If necessary, they will also recommend treatment adjustments to your prescriber.

Orders and Refills

When you’re on complicated drug therapy, it’s critical to receive your refills in a timely manner. That’s why a Patient Care Coordinator will contact you about a week before each shipment. You can also choose to receive text message reminders on your mobile phone. By signing up here, you can get text reminders to take, refill, renew or transfer medications or alert you of order shipments.


All specialty medications and medical-related supplies are shipped in temperature-sensitive and confidential packages at no additional charge to you. Refrigerated specialty medications are shipped overnight, with scheduled deliveries Tuesday through Friday. Non-refrigerated items are shipped via ground delivery. Orders can be shipped either to your doctor’s office or your home, depending on who administers your medication.


We understand caring for patients requires both excellent clinical and communication skills. To achieve our goal of helping each of our patients live the highest possible quality of life, we ensure our dedicated medical team provides counseling, education, and vigilant monitoring on top of our quality medication services.

ActiveKey team approach to disease management allows us to provide the following  services ranging from a Pediatric to Geriatric spectrum of expertise:

Clinical Care


Consult with physicians on dosing regimens using pharmacokinetics models, maintain a current medication profile on each patient, monitor for drug interactions and duplications of therapy, develop a pharmacy care plan for each patient in order to recognize their clinical problems and identify solutions, provide nutritional assessments of patients, monitor patient laboratory reports on a continual basis.

Supply Management


Routinely monitor the number of supplies at the patient’s home, supplies are delivered monthly, weekly, or daily depending on patient need. Access to care: Providing patients and doctors the fastest and most cost-effective access to therapy possible.

Communications & Coordination


Provide clinical information to health care professionals involved in patient care, inform the physician of the patient’s clinical progress, lab values and assists physician with any therapeutic changes required, educate the patient/caregivers through one-on-one counseling including a full description of the patient therapy regime, the mode of action of the medication and goals of the therapy, contact the patient, and consults on medications.

Population health

The goal of population health management (PHM) is to close care gaps, enhance patient satisfaction, reduce healthcare costs, and improve the bottom line. Population health initiatives require identifying, selecting, and measuring the right populations to provide high-quality, affordable patient care.

We have the experience to develop and implement population health management strategies to meet the unique needs of your targeted populations. We specialize in conducting assessments, and managing large-scale programs. Our team can lead you through all areas of technological and operational work processes using sound practices and the latest tools. Together, we can improve care coordination, enhance patient engagement, and integrate care through community partnerships.

Life sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations are facing an industry transformation and a seismic shift in business models that place the consumer at the heart of business like never before.  While regulatory and compliance challenges remain, a greater emphasis is on cost optimization, customer care, and revenue growth. Organizations rely heavily on information access and use it as a catalyst to address their compliance and policy demands as well as identify the most effective ways to engage consumers.

ActiveKey Healthcare operates at the pulse of the industry by providing solutions, consulting, managed services, and application development services that focus on reduced costs, speed to market, and consumer engagement. We are committed to bringing the latest technology and IT solutions to tackle our client’s greatest challenges. We enable business transformation while clients remain focused on their core business objectives.

To succeed, Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations need to meet a variety of regulatory, technological, and operational challenges. Often, they are forced to invest in an ongoing process of technological improvements that distract from focusing on primary business objectives such as improving patient care, advancing drug discovery, and improving clinical trial accuracy, as well as other important goals.