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Digital Media Marketing

Activekey solutions believe in continuous innovation, learning, and evolution in order to provide the best digital marketing solutions to entrepreneurs. Our expertise lies in the areas of Digital Media Strategy, Creativity, Search Engines, and Media.

ActiveKey’s professional services team has an only goal that is to establish long-term partnerships with:

starts with analyzing and evaluating your business and its competitors. Our Social media management practices entirely focus on what you want from them.

We will send the right traffic to your website to boost your sales. We stick around while the campaigns are on run. Our aim is to watch our clients gain massive brand recognition and boost sales from our social media marketing campaigns. While our clients enjoy the benefits we get back to work again to make sure that your brand is getting all the attention and brand awareness it deserves.

Social Media Marketing

We systematically follow the procedure:

Give your business recognition. Our experts harness the power to expand your horizon. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn are the faucets of your Social Media presence. We understand that no business is alike, that’s why we tailor the service to help your business achieve your specific goals and help the audience know your competitive edge.


  • Identifying business goals and target audience
  • In-depth competitive analysis
  • Narrow down tools and techniques to reach the right audience
  • Development of content strategy
  • Budget planning and resources allocation
  • Monitoring, analysis, and reporting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Activekey provides the best Search Engine Optimizers who will make your Website or Web Page reach at the top position on all major search engines like Google. With our years of expertise, we will make your business name visible on the first pages and on the first ranks. Our experts believe links and content are the backbones of SEO. In order to get on the first page on Google, our team will assist in linking to your relevant, well-optimized content.

Our professional team will do in-depth keywords analysis and use relative keywords in context. With the help of titles, meta descriptions, ALT attributes, H1 tags, and URLs, our team will ensure you get the maximum number of visitors and of course business orders for sure.

With the help of our SEO services, wet will enable your business to earn greater revenue and be renowned in search engines.

Highest ranking on Google searches

Significant Traffic Generation

Improved lead to sale conversion ratio

Competitive Edge

Email Marketing

From designing a seamless template to creating the perfect message, the Activekey solution manages all. Our specialized team helps you create hype, and new relationships, retain existing ones, and help in branding. Our experts design, draft and prepare newsletters and campaigns for your business.

We systematically follow the procedure:

Cost effective technique

Understanding your goals

Analyzing your competition

Reviewing your existing approach

Performing a GAP analysis

Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Fuel your website with high-quality traffic and watch conversions. With over 3 billion searches every day are full of people looking for answers, products, services, and solutions to their problems. A percentage of these searches are problems that your business solves. Our experts will help your company generate a visible rise in traffic and reach your target market by optimizing effective SEO, structuring, and organizing PPC keywords.

Our team will conduct a competitive research analysis which will help to identify details on how they are positioning ads. With the use of PPC management services, you can pull new customers to your business instantly.

In-App Marketing

Mobile apps make the world go round nowadays. Each year, apps entice us to spend more time with them.

On average people spend 3.4hrs on average per day on their smartphones, tab, and other devices. This figure tends to grow by the rate of 11% in 2020.

So it’s time to take full benefit of that engagement with in-app marketing campaigns. Our experts will help you take full advantage of that engagement with a solid in-app marketing campaign that will drive revenue.

Activekey Digital Media specialists will tap into a highly-engaged global audience which will level up your user acquisition efforts programmatically.

Our Approaches


We believe you are different and we understand you being sensitive to your business.  Our team is here to provide you with an experience tailored specifically according to your requirements.  We encourage a system that allows our clients to effortlessly create bespoke marketing and promotional materials that meet the customer’s needs. Our bespoke marketing approach helps to create a unique customer experience.

Monthly Packages

We provide and manage top-performing social media management for businesses. Our experts manage social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and on your behalf. We use targeted social media marketing services to help your business enhance and meet its goals. We analyze businesses to target their specific audience and maximize the content impressions, clicks, and lead generation.

Our monthly packages are:








Campaign Setup

In-depth Site Analysis

Content Duplicity Check

Initial Backlinks analysis

Google Penalty Check

Mobile Usability Check

Competition Analysis

Keyword Research

Keywords plan




On-Page Optimizatin

Title & Meta Tags Optimization Help

Content Optimization

Page Speed Analysis & Optimization

HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization

Internal Link Structuring & Optimization

Pages H tags Optimization

Canonicalization/301 Redirect

Schema Markup Implementation

Image & Hyperlink Optimization

Robots.txt Creation/Analysis

Sitemap Creation

Google & Bing Webmaster Tools Setup

Google Analytics Setup & Integration

Content Marketing and Link Acquisition

Blog Writing




Informational Content Writing & Sharing




Guest Blog Outreach

Guest Blog Social Bookmarking

DOC / PDF Submission

Infographic Creation & Distribution

Monthly Reporting

Search Engine Rank Report

SEO Reports

Google Analytics Analysis Report

Activity Report

Monthly Action Plan

Social Media

Social Media Audit

Facebook Page Setup & Management

Twitter Page Setup & Management

Linkedin Page Setup & Management

G Account Page Setup & Management

Pinterest Page Setup & Management

Youtube channel Creation & Management

Instagram Social Media & Management

Tumblr Account Setup & Management

Redditt Account Setup & Management

Ads Designing

Content Writing


CPC Advertisement

Posts in a week

3 Posts

4 Posts

5 Posts

Sharing & customization

Check social media analytics & reporting

Google Analytics Integration on social channels


15 Days