ActiveBiller takes on the complexities of medical billing and practice management with proven expertise and results, freeing up your practice to focus on other important tasks. See how we drive results for practices just like yours

Homepage & Workflow Dashboard

  • Your today’s patients and their billing information is available in real-time, in one place.
  • See the daily schedule, visit type and more at a glance for an efficient way to plan ahead for your day
  • Quickly and easily verify patient insurance eligibility and information right from the homepage
  • Visibility into claim and appointment-related tasks from a single dashboard, to ensure patient information is up-to-date and claims are submitted in a timely manner
  • Delegates administrative and billing tasks to the right people at the right time
  • We provides a long-term reliable partnership as we help you realize your innovative vision. We understand the tough, competitive environment and thus aim to differentiate your business from others by providing your customers with optimal value.


Easy Patient check-in

  • Embeded workflow for benefit verification at the time of patient check-in integrated with ActiveHub
  • Gather and verify necessary patient demographic information to ensure accurate claim creation
  • Insurance eligibility checks are conducted in advance, with real-time verification available at check-in
  • Easily collect self pay and copayment via credit card, or other payment types, to drive improved financial results — or quickly setup a payment plan if necessary


Medical Appointment Scheduling

  • Efficient enterprise level scheduling process enables appointment booking a convenient process for a multi-specialty group practice geographically located.
  • Schedule patients by time, type of appointment, location, or provider, to optimize schedule density
  • Confirm and remind patients of appointment times with automated email, text and phone notifications
  • All details from the patient encounter are surfaced during claim creation so no charges are missed

Medical Billing and Claims

  • We constantly improve medical billing software with deep understanding of the medical billing process and user experience.
  • If integrated with an EMR system, electronic superbill can created a charge by a single click, rules engine reviews all claims in real time, before they’re submitted — and immediately alerts you of known errors learned from previous denials across our entire client network
  • Denials are continuously researched by our back office teams, with new rules are added daily to prevent these denials from happening again — over 40 million rules already established
  • Ensure faster and cleaner claim submission with our unmatched first-pass resolution rate and reduce your days in accounts receivable significantl



Billing Insights and Reports

  • Easy, effective practice management reporting services that improve visibility into your practice’s performance and provide actionable data to increase revenue.
  • Simple, pre-formatted reports make it easier for practice managers to measure practice performance and highlight areas for improvement
  • Customized reporting functionality provides insight into your unique pain points and performance initiatives
  • Performance reports based on other practices in your specialty and region establish performance benchmarks to drive optimal performance